Watch Trophy Totes® In Action

Trophy Totes® aren't just for hunting season. You'll soon start using your Trophy Tote instead of your traditional box cooler. On the beach, at the lake, at sporting events or on family vacations, you'll be amazed at how long your ice will last in your Trophy Totes® soft-sided cooler! ...More Info

Introducing Trophy Totes®

Trophy Totes® is a soft-sided cooler designed to transport the head and cape of an animal from the place of harvest to the taxidermist for mounting purposes. Trophy Totes® has a unique design that will allow it to be used as a regular cooler when it's not being used to transport your trophy. Trophy Totes® are made using the highest quality materials and proven manufactured techniques... More Info

Trophy Cooler Bag for Deer Hunters - Trophy Totes

4 Reasons To Choose TrophyTotes®

Trophy Totes are the ultimate coolers for trophy deer hunters. Aside from them being great looking bags, Trophy Totes® are unmatched in their class for versatility, durability, efficiency, and manufacturing techniques. We hope that you'll agree that Trophy Totes® are the highest quality cooler bags on the market today! ...More Info

All Purpose / All Season Cooler

Trophy Totes® isn't just a deer cooler or hunting cooler that you'll only use 3 months out of the year. You'll soon start using your Trophy Totes® instead of your traditional ice chest. On the beach, at the lake, at sporting events, or on family vacations, you'll be amazed at how long your ice will last in your Trophy Totes® soft-sided cooler!

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Taxidermist Approved

Ask your local taxidermist about epidermal and hair slip. They'll be quick to share with you the many stories of damaged capes they've seen over the years. When heat and water come in contact with the deer's cape, bacteria forms causing the hair to loosen and fall out. This creates the bald spots that you sometimes see on a mount. That's why taxidermists highly recommend Trophy Totes® for serious hunters. Not to mention the hassle, but have you priced a replacement cape?

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Ultimate Hunting Accessory

Trophy Totes® make a great gift for the outdoorsman who seems to have all of the hunting gear, hunting equipment, and hunting supplies imaginable. Our deer coolers give the hunter the flexibility to pack light, yet still be prepared. No other product on the market can be used as both a trophy deer cooler and a traditional cooler.

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High Performance Materials

The inside of Trophy Totes® are insulated with 1" thick poly products and are covered with a heavy-duty liner that is welded so it won't leak like other soft-sided coolers. We added insulated flaps that form a seal around the base of the deer antlers to help maintain the ice. Trophy Totes® have the latest in camouflage patterns.

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