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Trophy Totes® soft-sided cooler is designed to transport the head and cape of an animal from the place of harvest to the taxidermist for mounting purposes. It features flaps that seal around the base of the antlers to shield from heat and lock in the cold, protecting your trophy until its final preservation.  (Antlers not included)

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Trophy Totes® has a unique design that will allow it to be used as a regular cooler when it’s not being used to transport your trophy.

Trophy Totes® are made from the highest quality materials and use proven manufacturing methods.  They are a Mossy Oak® licensed product and have the latest in camouflage patterns.

The multiple uses and originality of the cooler make it the ultimate gift for any outdoorsman.


  • Quality insulation
  • Industrial grade liner
  • Insulated flaps that seal around the base of the antlers
  • Can be used as a regular cooler to carry food and drinks
  • Mossy Oak® camouflage
  • Can be customized with your logo
  • Makes a great corporate gift or souvenir for customers and clients
  • Capable of accepting most species of deer
  • Shoulder strap included

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Weight 6.0 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 7 in

6 reviews for Trophy Totes® Soft-Sided Cooler (Currently Out of Stock)

  1. Danny Prosperie (verified owner)

    Trophy Totes

    I am excited to share my experience that took place this first weekend of deer season 2013. I went on a six day work / deer hunt trip to Brackettvile, Tx. I was clearing cedar trees on the ranch with a dozer. Sunday morning I had the opportunity to hunt and bag my best every archery whitetail buck. 19 1/4″ spread eight point. 
    Having several more days of work to do, I was so pleased to have my new Trophy Tote with me. I was able to enjoy several days protection of my buck while enjoying the opportunity of looking at my buck inside the deer camp replaying my hunt over and over. 
    The ice lasted several days. When I did get back home I was able to visit with all my hunting friends and show off my buck before sending him of to the taxidermist. 
    This is an awesome product. I would recommend this product as a great gift ideal. All American made is also a big plus for me. This product is a must for the serious deer hunter. 

  2. Haley Hooker

    I had purchased a Trophy tote before deer season started. We used the bag as an ice chest for drinks and snacks during our preseason work getting the lease ready. We kept the Trophy tote on the front seat of the truck for the whole weekend and our drinks and snacks were cold and handy. The first thing I checked for was leakage and there was none not even moisture on the bottom of the bag!
    During hunting season we were lucky enough to take a nice buck that I wanted to have mounted. This bag was so handy and well made it made the process so simple to store the caped head and not having to worry about keeping the cape cold.
    I am so impressed with this product I had to take the time to do this review. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend it to everyone. I am not the type of person to brag about a product unless it is truly something I know will last and is easy to use and does the job it says it does. I am completely sold on the Trophy tote and know you will be too.

  3. Brad VanMarion

    A quality product that worked perfect for me. Great bag! Superbly Insulated, Heavy duty and rugged!

  4. Lorne Miller

    Seth Miller (8 yrs old), harvested his 1st ever deer, in Webb Co. TX. Dec. 2012. While not the biggest we saw, this management buck was a “trophy” in Seth’s eyes and worthy of being carried to the taxidermist in his Trophy Totes bag! Thanks Trophy Totes for a great product that came in handy!

  5. Michelle Wales (verified owner)

    Used my Trophy Tote to bring back crawfish tails, zummo’s, and boudain from Texas this week…AWESOME PRODUCT!!!!

  6. Nancy Jo Adams

    Received the Trophy Tote in the mail. My very first impression….WOW! Amazing quality!! The materials and workmanship are top notch. The webbing is amazing. Can’t wait to put this product through the test; I already know it is a winner. Thanks, Brian, for such a quality product.

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